This is documentation for the development version of the project, aka master branch. If you installed Gramine from packages, documentation for the stable version is available at

gramine-sgx-sigstruct-view – Display SGX SIGSTRUCT


gramine-sgx-sigstruct-view [SIGSTRUCT-FILE]


gramine-sgx-sigstruct-view is used to display SIGSTRUCT fields of the SGX enclave (MRENCLAVE, MRSIGNER, etc.), extracted from the .sig file.

Note that by default, the output is in plain text format, which is unstable and should not be parsed. If the output should be parsed, consider --output-format=toml or --output-format=json.

Command line arguments

--verbose, -v

Print details to standard output.

--output-format [text|toml|json]

Output format: plain text, toml or json. Default: text.


$ gramine-sgx-sigstruct-view --verbose --output-format=toml helloworld.sig
mr_signer = "0dedbe47afb6955e5f6109637c1fbd9cc4b4e073e1396da8ce2091075e5b0a3b"
mr_enclave = "81a675e9a408818b430be4b259f3e11e6f8cacdb4c971c3114ee79fe53076893"
isv_prod_id = 0
isv_svn = 0
attribute_flags = "0x6"
attribute_xfrms = "0x3"
misc_select = "0x0"
attribute_flags_mask = "0xffffffffffffffff"
attribute_xfrm_mask = "0xfffffffffff9ff1b"
misc_mask = "0xffffffff"
date = "2023-02-20"
debug_enclave = true