Management Team (Maintainers)

The currently active members of the management team are:

  • Michał Kowalczyk (Invisible Things Lab/Intel)

  • Dmitrii Kuvaiskii (Intel)

  • Borys Popławski (Invisible Things Lab/Intel)

  • Wojtek Porczyk (Invisible Things Lab/Intel)

  • Don Porter (UNC)

  • Kailun Qin (Intel)

  • Chia-Che Tsai (Texas A&M University)

  • Mona Vij (Intel)

The past (inactive) members of the management team are:

  • Paweł Marczewski

  • Rafał Wojdyła

  • Isaku Yamahata

The active members have the review and voting rights. The past (inactive) members have only the review rights.

The active members are also the TSC voting members as described in the Technical Charter for Gramine project.

The Procedure for Adding and Removing Maintainers

  • Joining: # of PRs submitted & merged + # of PRs reviewed + # of issues closed >= 20 (this means that a PR which fixes 3 issues counts as 4). Only complete and thorough reviews count.

  • Leaving: a member may be removed if not active or notoriously breaking rules from this document.

  • Additionally, at least 60% (rounded up) of currently active members have to agree to make any change to the team membership.