Scaffolding for Gramine

The Scaffolding for Gramine (SCAG) tool transforms your application into a graminized Docker image, encapsulating both your application and the Gramine Library OS. The primary objective of the Scaffolding project is to simplify the process of safeguarding applications against malicious hosts.

Setting itself apart from alternative solutions (like GSC), SCAG doesn’t transform a Docker image, instead it generates a whole Docker image from the given projects. During the build process the required Dockerfile, manifest file, and other required configuration files are generated automatically for the user. A list of currently supported frameworks can be found in documentation .

To speed up the process, SCAG offers a single command - scag-quickstart. This tool also guides user interactively through the entire process of “graminizing” the application, from setting up the project to building it, and finally running it. For more advanced usage of SCAG, users are encouraged to refer to the documentation.

SCAG wraps the application with additional security measures, such as adding SSL/TLS to plaintext-networking apps. All web-based frameworks, such as Express.js and Flask, are preconfigured to operate behind a web server (Nginx), with SSL/TLS and the RA-TLS extension.

Note that the SCAG tool is standalone and not part of core Gramine, and is hosted here: