gramine-sgx-gen-private-key – Gramine SGX key generator


gramine-sgx-gen-private-key [OPTION]… [FILE]


gramine-sgx-gen-private-key is used to generate the private key suitable for signing SGX enclaves. SGX requires RSA 3072 keys with public exponent equal to 3.

The default path is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gramine/enclave-key.pem (which is usually $HOME/.config/gramine/enclave-key.pem — see XDG Base Directory Specification for details). You can specify an alternative path as an argument.

Command line arguments

--force, -f

By default gramine-sgx-gen-private-key will refuse to overwrite an existing file. Use this switch to force clobbering.


Refuse to overwrite an existing file, which is the default. Use this switch to undo --force.

--verbose, -v

Print details to standard output. This is the default.

--quiet, -q

Don’t print details to standard output.