gramine-sgx-sign – Gramine SIGSTRUCT generator


gramine-sgx-sign [OPTION]… –output output_manifest –key key_file –manifest manifest_file


gramine-sgx-sign is used to expand Trusted Files and generate signature file for given input manifest and libpal file (main Gramine binary).

Command line arguments

--output output_manifest, -o output_manifest

Path to the output manifest file (with Trusted Files expanded).

--key key_file, -k key_file

Path to the private key used for signing.

--manifest manifest_file, -m manifest_file

Input manifest file.

--libpal libpal_path, -l libpal_path

Path to libpal file (main Gramine binary).

--sigfile sigfile, -s sigfile

Path to the output file containing SIGSTRUCT. If not provided, manifest_file will be used with “.manifest” (if present) removed from the end and with “.sig” appended.

--depfile depfile

Generate a file that describes the dependencies for the output manifest and SIGSTRUCT, i.e. files that should trigger rebuilding if they’re modified. The dependency file is in Makefile format, and is suitable for using in build systems (Make, Ninja).

--verbose, -v

Print details to standard output. This is the default.

--quiet, -q

Don’t print details to standard output.